Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter LEXI TODD is a master of balance. 

She heightens an ensemble, but always holds her own. She draws significant parallels between her day-to-day life and the experiences of others. She advocates for her own justice, but can be the voice of justice for other women and artists. She doubles as a music industry maven and performer, uniquely infusing pop, R&B and jazz for a signature brand of smart neo-soul.  

Born in New Jersey, Lexi had a natural magnetism to music, vinyl and self-expression. She kept the beach culture and free-spirited nature of her hometown with her throughout her life, even as she traversed to the big city. As an artist, she excels at intersectionality, and has already been showcased at iHeart Radio, chosen as a featured performer at NY Fashion Week, scouted as an official RAW Showcase artist and more. 

In October 2018, Lexi released her first solo EP, Maria, Immured. October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Maria, Immured  is a deeply personal collection of songs chronicling a close friend’s battle with abuse and toxic love, and Lexi’s candid role in the experience. While she believes in uninhibited creation, Lexi makes sure to underpin her music with some social responsibility and Maria, Immured was a perfect example of her ability to use her own perspective to illuminate a bigger cause.  

Lexi possesses a dynamic palette of influences ranging from Hiatus Kaiyote to Fleetwood Mac, as another example of how she has always welcomed duality in her life. By day, she navigates the music business behind-the-scenes, advocating for other artists and navigating industry politics. By night, she plays across the tri-state area, either fronting the alt-r&b band CHEVY LOPEZ, or commanding a stage solo. 

From joining forces with longtime songwriting partner Ryan McShea, to experiencing a new level of musical liberation with the female songwriting collective SHIMASHIMA, Lexi found a large part of her early inspiration was external and collaborative.  Writing within certain structures made her voice feel confined, and in the wake of the last few years’ feminism movements, she harnessed a newfound maternal energy that she felt compelled to work into her music.  

On her July 2019 single “Madonna”, Lexi assumes a new direction, literally and musically. She found penning the smooth, female-empowerment anthem to be both necessary and therapeutic, a direct reflection of where she was at in her careers. It’s a song written for herself and other women who struggle to maintain authenticity, acquire respect and regain control in a world that still works to undermine their value. 

With her newest single "Window Shopping," Lexi shows a softer side; showcasing her stronger sense of artistic agency. The fresh take on a Motown classic is an ode to a moment in time when her perspective of the world changed for the better. In it, Lexi breaks free of the negative static and embraces the beautiful chaos in the world. The song and accompanying music video premiered on SKOPE Magazine on October 29, 2019.

- By Brittany Brave 

Photo by Nick Collingwood

Photo by Nick Collingwood