New Single "Patterns" Out August 30th!

I'm releasing a new single, "Patterns," on Thursday, August 30th. 

The song is about the negative cycles we often fall into in our personal relationships; cycles that sometimes seem impossible to break. I often find myself wondering whether I'm just making these neverending shitstorm-circles up in my own head, or whether I'm actually perceiving something that's really there and---more importantly---really needs to be addressed. This song captures that mindset.  

You can pre-save the song on Spotify here, and catch it on all major platforms on 8/30!  

Cover art by Garrett Walters  

Co-written by Lexi Todd, Sabrina Reitman, Ryan McShea and Lea Serres 

Produced by Thatcher Harrison 

Chris on the drums  

Special thanks to Chase McShea 

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