First Solo EP "Maria, Immured" Releasing Throughout October, 2018

My first solo EP will be rolling out throughout the month of October for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month! 

The 3-song EP chronicles my close friend's abusive relationship through my perspective. The first song "Complacent" is about my friend constantly convincing herself to accept and be satisfied with a relationship full of cheating, lying, blame and manipulation. The second song "Open Wounds" focuses ​​​​​​on emotional abuse and the effects of constant put-downs and hurtful words. The third song "Extra Key" captures the moment when my friend breaks free from the cycle of manipulation and realizes that the relationship can't continue.  

In addition to the music, each song will be accompanied by a "mini" music video, which all go together to form a short film. I will also be releasing a full-length music video for "Extra Key." 

"Complacent" will be premiering on Audiofemme on Monday, October 1st! Keep an eye out for the rest of the EP throughout October. 

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