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Scouted as RAW Artist + First RAW Showcase 6/12 at Brooklyn Bazaar 

I recently got scouted to be a RAW Artist!

RAW provides resources for indie artists worldwide, and hosts collaborative showcases that feature local fashion designers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and fine artists. RAW hosts over 30 eclectic art showcases each month, featuring independent artists from local communities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

My first RAW showcase will on Wednesday, June 12th at the Brooklyn Bazaar from 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM. ​You can grab tickets here

"Maria, Immured" EP Out Now -- Release Recap  

My first solo EP, "Maria, Immured," is available on all music platforms now!

The past 6 weeks have been so rewarding, and I wanted to recap / thank everyone involved in the release rollout. 

The release kicked off with a very special release party / music video screening on September 26, 2018 co-hosted by me and the risk-taking femme/LGBTQ+  focused production company Experimental Bitch Presents, at the historic women's theatre WOW Cafe Theatre, with an opening performance by the all-female spoken word collective Building Bold. 50% of door proceeds from the event were donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

The fist song, "Complacent," was released on October 1, 2018--the first day of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month--along with the first mini-music video, which premiered on Audiofemme. You can read the premiere and interview here

The second song, "Open Wounds," was released on October 17, 2018, along with the second mini-music video, which Femislay was kind enough share. On October 23, 2018, I released an intimate live session video of me and Ryan McShea performing "Open Wounds," which you can watch here.

On October 20, 2018, I was honored to play an all-female Sofar Sounds show for the first birthday of the female-empowerment hive-mind Cat Call to honor women and celebrate survivors of domestic abuse. 

The third and final song, "Extra Key," was released on October 30, 2018, along with the third mini-music video (thanks again to Femislay for sharing), and on November 1, 2018, the full-length music video for "Extra Key" premiered on B-Sides And Badlands, which you can read and view here

Finally, the bad-ass, femme-focused music blog, Femme Riot sat down with me for a deep-diving interview about the project, being a woman in the music industry, and mental health. You can read the full interview here

Now for some thank you's!

Thank you to my dear friend, Maria De Dios, for allowing me to tell her story, and for being my muse. Also, thank you to her extremely talented brother, Carlo De Dios, for creating my amazing cover art.

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the music, especially co-writer/guitarist - Ryan McShea, co-writer - Sabrina Reitman, and co-writer/producer - Lea Serres.

Thank you to Hearin Ko, the director of all of the videos. And thank you to the rest of the video crew, especially Director of Photography - Bella Tan, Producer - Edouard Fan, Artistic Director - Clara Cheung, Key Grip - Isaac Ogle and his killer lighting team, Choreographer - Matty Mahoski, and Leading Lady - Carly Jurman for all of their hard work.  

Thank you to Lucy Van Ellis for my beautiful press photos. 

Thank you to Jake Lanier and Lucky Bird Media for a wonderfully successful and thoughtful press campaign, and to all of the press outlets above for believing in the project and spreading the word about domestic abuse. 

Thank you to Wednesday Sue Derrico and Experimental Bitch Presents, WOW Cafe Theatre, Building Bold, Sir Real on lights, Giovanni Stockton-Rossini on sound, everyone else involved in the EP release event, and everyone that came out to support. 

Thank you to my partner, Adam Yefet, for supporting me through the constant "making-of" that is my life.

Thank you everyone that listened to the music, watched the videos, and supported the project. I love and appreciate you all!



First Solo EP "Maria, Immured" Releasing Throughout October, 2018 

My first solo EP will be rolling out throughout the month of October for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month! 

The 3-song EP chronicles my close friend's abusive relationship through my perspective. The first song "Complacent" is about my friend constantly convincing herself to accept and be satisfied with a relationship full of cheating, lying, blame and manipulation. The second song "Open Wounds" focuses ​​​​​​on emotional abuse and the effects of constant put-downs and hurtful words. The third song "Extra Key" captures the moment when my friend breaks free from the cycle of manipulation and realizes that the relationship can't continue.  

In addition to the music, each song will be accompanied by a "mini" music video, which all go together to form a short film. I will also be releasing a full-length music video for "Extra Key." 

"Complacent" will be premiering on Audiofemme on Monday, October 1st! Keep an eye out for the rest of the EP throughout October. 

New Single "Patterns" Out August 30th!  

I'm releasing a new single, "Patterns," on Thursday, August 30th. 

The song is about the negative cycles we often fall into in our personal relationships; cycles that sometimes seem impossible to break. I often find myself wondering whether I'm just making these neverending shitstorm-circles up in my own head, or whether I'm actually perceiving something that's really there and---more importantly---really needs to be addressed. This song captures that mindset.  

You can pre-save the song on Spotify here, and catch it on all major platforms on 8/30!  

Cover art by Garrett Walters  

Co-written by Lexi Todd, Sabrina Reitman, Ryan McShea and Lea Serres 

Produced by Thatcher Harrison 

Chris on the drums  

Special thanks to Chase McShea 

Live Straight-to-Vinyl Recording Session September 15, 2018 

I'll be doing a live, straight-to-vinyl recording session at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn on September 15th, 2018, and my session is available exclusively via preorder! 

I'll be recording all 3 songs from my upcoming EP, "Maria, Immured," which is set to be released in October 2018. This means you'll be the first to own and hear these songs! 

Here's how it works: We'll cut a 7" lathe cut vinyl record of a song of your choosing for each person that orders between now and the session date. No two records will be the same and only one copy of each will be made, since we'll be recording them live. Your record will include a one-of-a-kind performance from me, cut specifically for you. 

And, you choose the song! Just choose from the list provided and I'll even deliver a personal message right on the record for you.